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SasuNaru- Sasuke Sensei 1


-This is an alternate story, using characters in Naruto. This fan fiction contains YAOI, so if you’re not into those subjects, get out of here.

-Any Naruto’s character is not mine, I just used them.

-Please leave a comment or suggestion after reading so I can improve my storyline.


Uzumaki Naruto, a second-year student in high school peeking carefully. If nobody saw him, he will success getting up the roof to get some sleep. Skipping class was not a rare thing to him. Every teacher had given up on lecturing him. It was useless, because even his guardian, Iruka wasn’t able to make him a good student. Even the discipline teacher only can catch him skipping, but unable to punish him because it was not worth it. Naruto was too hard to be persuaded.

Naruto: (stretching his body) Ahhh... nice day! I’m very stupid if I stayed in the class. I should...

Gaara: (suddenly appeared) ... rest and sleep like a log. Isn’t that right?

Naruto: Oh, Gaara. It’s you. Why you’re also here?

Gaara: Because I know at a time like this you’ll be here. The teacher wouldn’t notice me anyway.

Naruto: Stop talking like that! (lie down on his back)

Gaara: It’s the truth anyway. (sat down next to Naruto) So, what will you do?

Naruto: About what?

Gaara: (sighed) You’re not just an idiot, you’re also forgetful. The challenge from Raikiri gang.

Naruto: Oh, those shitty-looking bastards? Don’t worry, I’ll finish them in no time. Pretty stupid for them to challenge me when they knew I was the strongest around here.

Gaara: Don’t be too much confident, Naruto. Someday you’ll find someone stronger than you.

Naruto: So what? If he’s truly stronger than me, then I’ll just make myself stronger and beat him up.

Gaara: But you can get hurt... (hugging his knees) I don’t like it.

Naruto: (pinch Gaara’s cheek) Heeyy, since when this cold-hearted Gaara worried on people? Don’t act this girlish, you give me the creeps.

Gaara: You truly didn’t understand a thing. (stood up) I’m leaving.

Naruto: What? Are you sulking now? Oi, Gaara!! (What’s with him? Getting mad all of a sudden.)


In the evening.

Naruto just returned to his class, and the girls looked so excited and chatting cheerfully. He raised his eyebrows, and decided to ask what’s all the commotion about. He approached his once-loved girl, Haruno Sakura.

Naruto: Yo, Sakura-chan. What’s this all about? You all look very excited.

Sakura: Next time don’t skip class, Naruto. We just had a new teacher earlier, and he’s sooo coooool!!

Naruto: (a bit annoyed at the horny tone) Is he THAT great?

Sakura: Of course he is! I heard that he’s very young, he become a teacher right after he graduated.

Naruto: Ah, really? Then, he’s a booo-ring guy!

Sakura: (smacked on Naruto’s shoulder) What made you said that?

Naruto: Ouch! If he graduated at such a young age, means that all he did in his life was studying and nothing else. That’s too boring if you asked me.

Sakura: To us, that’s cool. Next time, you should see him for yourself. Oh, after school, are you going somewhere?

Naruto: Umm, kinda. Why? You wanted a ride?

Sakura: If only you’re not busy. Your motobike is still functioning?

Naruto: Yeah, of course. Even if somebody broke it down, I can fix it. Those gangsters are nothing.

Sakura: You said you ‘kinda’ going somewhere...

Naruto: Ah, yes, about that. Well, a new gang called ‘Raikiri’ sent me a challenge. Sorry that I cannot give you a ride, because I think Gaara will want to tag along.

Sakura: (pouting) Gaara from the third class? You both really are troublemakers.

Naruto: We aren’t the one challenging. Those guys challenged us, so we need to teach them a lesson. Not to mess with Naruto-sama.

Sakura: (sighed) Just don’t die. Or you’ll make Iruka-san sad.

Naruto: Too late for that. Oh, right! Sakura-chan, tell Ino that I’ll go to work tomorrow. I can’t make it today, I guess.

Sakura: Yeah, whatever.

Naruto grinned, but then frowned. He lived a very hard life. As an orphan, he lived with his guardian, Iruka. Naruto hoped that soon he’ll be able to live alone, not to bother Iruka anymore. Naruto had been working part-time at Ino’s flower shop. Even though he’s not an excellent student, everyone in his class can accept him and didn’t hate him. Gaara was his best friend, since that boy is similar to him. Always involved in a fight. One thing different is that red-haired boy wasn’t accepted by people. Teachers were too afraid to punish him. And he seems like only willing to talk to Naruto. He just made a cold expression to anyone else.

Naruto pushed his motobike to the gate. Gaara was waiting for him. Naruto grinned, as the other boy waved at him. Quickly, Naruto started the engine and Gaara mounted behind him.

Naruto: I thought you was mad earlier?

Gaara: At least, I’ll be there to pick your dead body if you got beaten up.

Naruto: (laughed) Pick the Raikiri shits! I’m going to finish them off, and after that...

Gaara: Ramen party.

Naruto: You got that right! Your treat!

Gaara: (smiled) Yeah, sure.

As they took off, two persons were observing them from the director’s room. The director, Tsunade and the new teacher, Uchiha Sasuke. The new teacher folded his arm, watching those kids leaving.

Sasuke: So, the blond one is Naruto?

Tsunade: Yes, he wasn’t in the class, was he? If you wanted to know, that’s him.

Sasuke: He’s a bad kid, isn’t him? So why did you kept him in this school?

Tsunade: Yes, he’s bad, but yet he’s also good. His heart. If only he quit his fighting habit, I bet he would be just like a normal teen should.

Sasuke: Who’s the other boy?

Tsunade: Oh, that is Gaara. Unlike Naruto, he’s... ‘different’. Nobody can make him smile except for Naruto. Seems that only Naruto can change that boy.

Sasuke: That’s why you wanted to change Naruto. If he will turn to be a good kid, then the same thing will happen to Gaara, right?

Tsunade: Exactly.

Sasuke: Leave it to me.

Tsunade: Are you sure? Every new teacher said the very same thing before they gave up.

Sasuke: Well, somebody has to change him.

Tsunade: Okay, do as you wish. But if you find it was too difficult, don’t push yourself too hard.

Sasuke: (looking outside) Aah, I understand.


Just as Naruto said, he won against five guys single-handed. Gaara only watched from the motobike. He promised not to interfere unless those guys attacked him too. Naruto wiped his mouth, as a punch landed on his face earlier. Then, he grinned to Gaara and walked straight to him. The red head took out his handkerchief and handed it over to the blond.

Naruto: Aah, thanks. (took the handkerchief)

Gaara: To think that one of them able to land a punch on your face... that’s not like usual.

Naruto: I was careless. Anyway, they’re already finished...!

Obito (one of the Raikiri’s gang): Quit your bragging, brat! You have never met our leader!

Naruto: Oh? Then you should not come. Tell him to challenge me like a man. Don’t use his dogs to fight a guy like me.

Obito: You’re just a kid, don’t be so cocky!

Naruto: A kid that beat you old man up? And you were five people, don’t you feel shame of yourself?

Obito: You...!!

Gaara: (held Naruto’s arm) That’s enough, Naruto. Let’s go somewhere to tend your wound.

Naruto: Ah, right. But then can we go to have ramen?

Gaara: Whatever, let’s just leave for now. I’ll treat you ramen, so let’s go.

Naruto started his motobike with Gaara riding behind him. The red head embraced him very close, made the blond felt uncomfortable.

Naruto: Whoa, calm down, Gaara. What’s wrong? Were you scared?

Gaara: I wasn’t afraid of those guys at all. Not a bit. You know me.

Naruto: Then, why?

Gaara: I am worried about you. What if their leader really is stronger than you are?

Naruto: (stopped his motobike) Gaara!

Gaara: I am very concerned about his words, Naruto.

Naruto: (turned to Gaara) Do you know why I’m never afraid of anyone?

Gaara: I’m not a mind-reader, so I don’t know.

Naruto: (sighed) Because I had a friend like you around. I know if something bad is going to happen to me, you’ll be there, right? (grinning)

Gaara: Idiot, I rather you never got into trouble...

Naruto: Look who’s talking. You’re also a troublemaker like me, dumb!

Gaara: It doesn’t matter what will happen to me. Nobody will get affected. But, you, if something happened to you, many people get sad. And I... will lose my only friend...

Naruto: Idiot Gaara! Who said that nobody will be sad if something happened to you?

Gaara: Who will? Even my siblings turned their back on me...

Naruto: (pat on Gaara’s shoulder) I would.

Gaara: You... would feel sad?

Naruto: Aah, of course I will. Now, don’t make that face. I’m still alive, okay?

Gaara: (squeezed Naruto’s waist tightly) Don’t die before me.

Naruto: (smiling softly) I swear I’ll be just fine.

The blond arrived at his house a bit late. As he expected, Iruka was waiting in the living room. His face was already frowning, and worsened when he saw Naruto’s injury.

Iruka: Who is it this time?

Naruto: (uninterested look) Just a bunch of fools from a gang.

Iruka: Naruto-kun, you should quit your fighting habit, if your parents still alive...

Naruto: (glared hardly) The fact is they don’t. So please don’t mention something nonsense.

Iruka: Naruto-kun!

Naruto: I’m sorry, Iruka-san. I need rest. And don’t make dinner for me. I already ate this evening. (went into his room)

Iruka dropped on the couch. He had no idea how to make Naruto understand that he cared about him. Whenever he mentioned about his parents, Naruto would easily upset. Iruka had been taking care of Naruto since Naruto was still very young. That time, the blond was a very good kid. But, he didn’t really know why his ‘son’ suddenly became rebellious. Iruka didn’t mind a bit if he had to take care of Naruto for the rest of his life.

The next day.

Naruto started his motobike, ready to go to the school. Iruka came out of the house, catching his breath. He was holding a spatula, clearly he was cooking.

Iruka: Naruto-kun, your breakfast??

Naruto: Not hungry. I’m off to Gaara’s house.

Iruka: Naruto-kun!!

Naruto felt very guilty for leaving like that. But the truth is he wanted Iruka to hate him. Hate him until he kicked out of the house. Iruka is still single, due to his work and busy life. He don’t even had time to date someone. Naruto felt that it is time for his guardian to start his own life. Not taking care of a brat like him. Gaara was waiting in front of his house. He smiled as he saw Naruto.

Naruto: Morning, good-looking!

Gaara: (hit Naruto’s head) Shut up. I’m not a girl.

Naruto: (pinching Gaara’s cheek) But you’re so cute! I’ll kill someone who dare to ruin this face.

Gaara: Yeah right. Nobody had ever injured my face, so you can keep your fists.

Naruto: Come on, ride up. We’re going.

Gaara: (get on the bike) You’re weren’t making your guardian sad again, were you?

Naruto: You’re not a mind-reader, but you always hit bull’s eye.

Gaara: Why did you do that? If someone loved you, you should appreciate it. Unlike me, nobody loves me. Iruka-san really cared about you.

Naruto: He supposed to live a normal life. I’m a useless brat, he shouldn’t care about me anymore.

Gaara: Naruto, you...

Naruto: Another word, you’re walking to school.

Gaara: Okay, sorry.


Naruto yawned several times. As usual, class felt like an old tv show to him. Too boring to stay. He hoped the recess time will come quickly. And he can have lunch with Gaara later at the roof. The Math teacher was just out. The girls started to be excited, Naruto knew next it will be the new teacher’s turn to come in. He raised his head a bit, at least he wanted to see what kind of person he is. The class door opened, and a guy with dark blue suit and a pair of glasses walked in. Indeed, he is good-looking. But Naruto wasn’t impressed at all. Plain guy after all.

Sasuke: Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto: Huh?

Sasuke: I didn’t see you in my class yesterday. Where were you?

Naruto: I skip class. Next time when you don’t see me, you can find me on the roof.

Sasuke: (What a brave brat...) Oh, you’re very honest, Uzumaki-kun?

Naruto: Lying just for fools. I may not smart, but I’m not a fool to lie about something so obvious.

Sakura: (pale face, pinched Naruto) Hey, show him some respect!

Naruto: What for? Anyway, welcome to our school, Sensei.

Sasuke: Can you come to the office later?

Naruto: Okay, but when recess time I’ll leave. I got to eat lunch ‘cause I skipped breakfast.

Sasuke: Don’t worry, I’ll just have a little talk with you.

Naruto: You better do.

In the office.

Naruto walked in as if the office is his own room. Other teachers looked at him, but then made a “it’s just this brat” expression. Naruto walked to Sasuke’s table and sat in front of him, making a bored face. Sasuke smiled, and he touched Naruto’s cheek. Gasped, the blond quickly smack the hand away. Nobody allowed to touch him like that, except Iruka and Gaara.

Sasuke: You’re still like this, huh?

Naruto: Sorry, it was just I’m not used... hey, what do you mean ‘still’? Have we met before?

Sasuke: Look how you’ve grown... don’t you remember me? (took off his glasses)

Naruto: (trying to remember) I think I had seen you... in school uniform...

Sasuke: You already forget... I remembered how you said you hated your elementary school teachers and you said you didn’t want to go to school.

Naruto: Ahhh!! You’re Sasuke!

Sasuke: Glad you remember. When the principle said ‘Uzumaki Naruto’, I had a quick thought it was you. But when she said ‘a bad kid’, I thought it was someone else. And it is really you, Naruto.

Naruto: I have never heard of you after you got into the college.

Sasuke: I studied like hell there, just to fulfill this promise I made to you.

Naruto: What promise?

Sasuke: I promised that I’ll be a teacher, so that you will never hate teachers anymore.

Naruto: Good memories, because I don’t remember anything about that.

Sasuke: Naruto, about that red head...

Naruto: You better don’t mess with Gaara. He’s not like me. And I will never forgive you if you done something to him.

Sasuke: That kid was so important to you? (frowning)

Naruto: He’s my best friend. Sorry, I promised him that I’ll meet him for lunch. See you later, Sasuke-sensei. (stood up and leave)

The blond just had a brief memory about Sasuke. He used to be their neighbor. Sasuke is five years older than Naruto, and they haven’t met since Sasuke got into college. Naruto went upstairs, and Gaara was already there, waiting for him.

Naruto: Yo, Gaara. Sorry, got stuck with the new teacher just now.

Gaara: Being lectured again?

Naruto: Not really. He’s my ex-neighbor, so he wanted to greet me.

Gaara: Ex-neighbor? That Sasuke-sensei know you?

Naruto: (biting his bread) Aah, kinda. But we were not close.

Gaara: Are you... going to be his friend?

Naruto: Hm? I don’t know... maybe yes, maybe no. If he doesn’t irritate me, so I’ll treat him well. But if he did something I don’t like, I’ll hate him.

Gaara: Is that so...?

Naruto: Why did you asked? And what’s with that awful look?

Gaara: You know that every teacher tried to change you into a better person. I bet he had the same intention later.

Naruto: That’s normal, and you knew that none of them succeed.

Gaara: This time is different, you knew this person and he also know you. As far as I know, to change you, their first idea is to get rid of me.

Naruto: You mean he will try to separate us later?

Gaara: That’s what all the teachers tried to do, right?

Naruto: Don’t worry, I would never-ever leave you for something like that. You’re my friend.

Gaara: Promise you wont leave me?

Naruto: (smiled) I swear, if I ever leave you, then a lightning will strike me!

(Thunder sound)

Naruto: (gasped) Yikes! Hey, don’t scare me like that! I’m not lying you know!! (shouted to the sky)

Gaara: (chuckled) You scared of it, huh?

Naruto: Stupid, if lightning strike me, I’ll be dead!

Gaara: (moves closer to Naruto) Then let me die too.

Naruto: Uh... yeah. Sure. (leaning his head on Gaara’s shoulder)

Nyahahaha~~~ told you that I'm not quitting! Read, enjoy and comment! My storyline can be guessed, but you will wonder what will happen next, right? I give you four options:

1= Exciting
2= Good
3= All above
4= Damn boring, should quit!

Choose wisely, nyahahaha~~~!!!
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