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SasuNaru- Sasuke Sensei 10


-This is an alternate story, using characters in Naruto. This fan fiction contains YAOI, so if you're not into those subjects, get out of here.

-Any Naruto's character is not mine, I just used them.

-Please leave a comment or suggestion after reading so I can improve my storyline.


Gaara also couldn't sleep. Why did seeing the picture made him feel unrest? He didn't really care about the boy with Naruto. It was Naruto's smile. Why it was different? To Gaara, he wanted to see the smile like in the picture. A joyful smile.

Naruto: Couldn't sleep?

Gaara: (gasped) S... so are you.

Naruto: (smiled) I just missed someone.

Gaara: (not this smile, please...) Your... friend?

Naruto: Bull's eye.

Gaara: Was he really that important to you?

Naruto: Yeah. I only trusted him, and I cherished him very much.

Gaara: How much?

Naruto: What do you mean how much?

Gaara: How much do you appreciate him, Naruto?

Naruto: No one can replace him. He's priceless, no matter who came after that, it would never be the same.

Gaara: What if... you met someone that look exactly like him? (gulped)

Naruto: (a bit stunned) It will still be different. My friend was still my friend, and the other person still couldn't replace him. No matter how similar they could be. (Why did he asked that all of a sudden?)

Gaara: (suddenly gets up) Naruto, I wonder, what if...!

Naruto: (confused) If?

Gaara: (blushed) Nothing. Forget it. Let's sleep.

Naruto: Okay. Good night, Gaara. (Weird...)

Gaara: Night. (Why can't I just say it??)

Meanwhile, Sasuke had turned into a very quiet person. Naruto's disappearance also make his classmate wondered what had happened. Because of his duty, Sasuke couldn't proceed his search. Iruka had been sick after he also couldn't find his 'precious angel'.

It had been a month after Naruto left. The class become very quiet. They had been missing the blond. Sasuke still do what he supposed to do, but everything felt meaningless. All the students tried to cheer him up, but they failed. Nothing could make Sasuke smile anymore.

Sakura: This can't go on. Poor Sensei, Naruto had been his favorite student, but then he disappeared just like that.

Shino: There's nothing we can do. Even if we found Naruto, he's too stubborn. There's no way he turn back after he decided everything.

Sakura: I asked everyone I know, including outside this town. No one said something about a blond boy.

Kiba: He's just one regular person to the people outside this city. If he gone that far, to find him would be very hard.

Sakura: (sighed) Naruto, where are you?? We all missed and worried about you... Uchiha-sensei too...


At the resort.

Naruto: Steamed fish, table no. 6!

Gaara: (rushing) Coming!

Today too, is a very busy day. After a month, Naruto already used to the environment. Customers liked his friendly manner very much. He smiled softly to everyone. Gaara also became attached to Naruto. Everywhere the blond go, Gaara would follow.


Naruto: (stretching his back) Wow, at last! Peaceful...

Kurenai: Thanks for all those hard work. Here, have this. (hand over an ice-cream)

Naruto: Thank you. I don't see Gaara?

Kurenai: Oh, he said he's going to the town. He had something to do.

Naruto: Why didn't he tell me? I can send him with my motobike.

Kurenai: That boy always like that. He also never asked Asuma to take him anywhere.

Naruto: Did he said where he wanted to go? I'll go and pick him up.

Kurenai: I don't think that would be necessary. He didn't want anyone to do that. Not even my husband can persuade him.

Naruto: Then I'll make him accept. Where did he go, Kurenai-san?

Kurenai: Go on if you insisted. But don't bet on it much. He said he wanted to go to the bookstore.

Naruto: Bookstore, eh? Thanks, Kurenai-san.

Kurenai: Make sure you came back for dinner!

Naruto started his bike and took off to the town. There's only one bookstore, so he can guess where Gaara went. As he arrived, he can see the red head from the glass wall. He was looking for a new notebook. Naruto parked his motobike, and also went into the store.

Naruto: Hey, red head.

Gaara: (gasped) Naruto! What are you doing here??

Naruto: To pick you up. After you're done, we'll go home together.

Gaara: (pout) I don't remember asking someone to pick me.

Naruto: What's wrong? Why do you hate people sending or picking you?

Gaara: I... don't hate it. It was just... I'm not used to it.

Naruto: Liar. You have something that you didn't want to tell.

Gaara: Why do you want to know anyway??

Naruto: (smiled) I'm your friend, right? I'll listen to every problems you have.

Gaara: (Please... don't smile like that to me...) Am I important to you?

Naruto: Well, of course. I also liked your parents.

Gaara: (mumbling) I didn't mean that, idiot...

Naruto: You said something?

Gaara: Nothing. If you wanted to know the reasons, wait outside. I'll tell.

Naruto: Okay.


At a park.

Naruto: So, why?

Gaara: When I was little, Daddy always came to pick me with Mommy. That was when I studied in the kindergarten. People know I was adopted. Whenever they came to pick me, people said bad things...

Naruto: Bad things?

Gaara: My friends... and the adults... they said 'look at that kid. He was so demanding, even though he was adopted. Wanting both of his foster parents to pick him up'.

Naruto: That's mean. Wasn't it natural for parents to pick their kids?

Gaara: They said I shouldn't be spoiled that much. Because I was adopted.

Naruto: Nobody said only real child can be spoiled! They were just jealous of you.

Gaara: Jealous?

Naruto: Yeah, because your friends mostly can have one of their parents to come and pick them. For the adults, they just can't stand seeing other people happier than they are.

Gaara: Why would they jealous of that?? Weird!

Naruto: Ignore what people said. Appreciate your parents now, they loved you very much.

Gaara: You're so kind...

Naruto: (snickered) Ahahaha... don't say that. (If you know how I treated Iruka-san, you'll kill me on the spot...)

Gaara: Well... it's almost dinner time. Let's go home.

Naruto: Yeah. Together.

The red head ride behind Naruto, squeezing his waist tightly. Naruto sighed and smiled. This boy also quite clingy. Maybe he was used to be spoiled. Gaara was blushing, but he loved having the chance to hug Naruto like that.


In the bedroom.

Gaara: Naruto.

Naruto: Yes? Couldn't sleep again?

Gaara: Have you ever fall in love?

Naruto: (gulped) Once.

Gaara: (interested) Who was it??

Naruto: Someone... once was my friend.

Gaara: Tell me everything.

Naruto: It's a boring story, you will get...

Gaara: Naruto.

Naruto: Just don't be disgusted after you listened. (sighed)

Gaara: Just tell me everything.

Naruto: It was a boy. I fell in love with a boy.

Gaara: That best friend of yours, right?

Naruto: Good guess. Yeah, I loved him. Very much.

Gaara: That's why you said you didn't have any lover. Because he died.

Naruto: Yeah.

Gaara: Let's just assume, you can fall in love again. Who do you think it would be?

Naruto: (remembered Sasuke) How should I know? Love is something unpredictable.

Gaara: (blushing) You think... you can fall in love with me?

Naruto: W... what do you mean?

Gaara: I can't replace that guy?

Naruto: I told you, I wouldn't find another him. It would never be the same.

Gaara: No?! Even though...!

Naruto: Even though?

Gaara: I can't replace him, even though our face are exactly the same? (blushing to his ears)

Naruto: Gaara, you couldn't have...!

Gaara: Yes, I looked! I looked at the picture in your wallet! Why, Naruto?? You should be able to accept me as well, we already looked so much alike!

Naruto: Why did you get this serious? Wasn't you just said 'if' earlier?

Gaara: Urghhh...! I LOVE YOU, DUMMY!!!

Naruto: No, you shouldn't say that too early. You're not in love with me, Gaara.

Gaara: I am, Naruto. Love at the first sight. Even before I looked into your wallet. I've been loving you all this time... (crying)

Naruto: (rub Gaara's cheek) Don't decide that too early, Gaara. Love is not that easy. I'm not the one you love, believe me.

Gaara: (smack Naruto's hand) Why?! You had chosen someone else??

Naruto: No, I didn't. I told you, nobody can replace my lover.

Gaara: Why are you afraid of saying his name? You only said the word 'friend', 'lover', but you never mentioned his name! Why??!

Naruto: I can't say it. You'll be hurt.

Gaara: Why? Because his name is also Gaara, RIGHT?!

Naruto: I'm afraid if I keep saying his name, you'll get the wrong idea and thought I was talking about you.

Gaara: Naruto, please... why I can't be that Gaara?? I loved you with all my heart...

Naruto: You and him are different. And I don't want you to become that Gaara.

Gaara: (jump to Naruto, hugged him) Naruto... Naruto... please... I love you, I love you very much. Please, let me replace him...

Naruto: (serious face) I'll tell you why I don't want you to become my Gaara.

Gaara: Huh?


Naruto inhaled his breath heavily, and Gaara had stopped crying. He waited to hear Naruto's story about the other Gaara. The one Naruto loved very much.

Naruto: Once, I was a street brat. I always looking for a fight. I don't even remember how many people I had my fists on.

Gaara: You, a sweet person like you was a street brat? You're lying.

Naruto: (bitter smile) Don't judge a book by it's cover. If you seen my previous attitude, you can say I'm far from sweet.

Gaara: So that's your past. What it had to do with him?

Naruto: That Gaara... was a street brat like me too. The first time we met were a complete disaster. But, whenever we fought, neither of us win nor lose. It was always a draw.

Gaara: Then, how did you become friends?

Naruto: One day, I walked behind school building. I heard someone crying...

Gaara: Crying?

Naruto: I saw the strong, undefeated Gaara was crying alone. When he noticed me, he tried to run. But I stopped him and try to ask his problems.

Gaara: He didn't turn it into a fight?

Naruto: I was ready for that too, but surprisingly, he told me everything. About how his family hated him, and he cried in my hug.

Gaara: You hugged him?

Naruto: Because I also had problems with my guardian, I felt he was too pitiful.

Gaara: Then, what happened?

Naruto: As we were really arrogant person, we also agreed to pretend nothing happened. It was just something on a whim. But then, something awfully funny happened.

Gaara: Funny?

Naruto: Both of us received a challenge letter from our enemies. I went to the promised place, but I was shocked to see Gaara also on the way to meet his enemy.

Gaara: And then?

Naruto: I asked him, 'what the hell are you doing here?', he also asked the same question to me. I know the one who challenged me wasn't him. I don't need letters to fight him. After a moment, our enemies arrived. (laughed)

Gaara: What's so funny?

Naruto: Our enemies know us, but usually we didn't even know their names. So before the fight, we actually asked our enemies to make sure which belongs to who!

Gaara: Weirdos.

Naruto: We won the fight as usual, and we stared at each other. I couldn't help the feeling of laughing, I burst out laughed on the spot. And, for the first time, he formed a smile.

Gaara: After that incident, you become friends.

Naruto: (nodded) Yeah. At the beginning, we were just normal friends. But then...

Gaara: What happened? (impatient)

Naruto: Because we both live a hard life, we always tell the each other about our daily problems. And, we also stick together. If it was me being challenged, Gaara will tag along and wait for me. If Gaara was challenged, I'll keep watch from a distance.

Gaara: How did you fell in love?

Naruto: We were so close, and I realized he liked me. I wanted to ignore it, pretend that I was clueless. But, his kindness, caring attitude made me thought about him all the time. We know as street guys, we shouldn't fall in love. It will harm our loved ones.

Gaara: Why did you proceed then?

Naruto: The more I wanted to forget, the more I felt like cannot lose him. I tried to deny everything, but before I realized it, I loved him with all my heart. I love him, until I had a thought of 'if the world is our enemy, then I will fight the world'.

Gaara: So, you confessed?

Naruto: It was him confessed to me. It was the sweetest thing I ever heard. Being indulged in love, we go beyond the boundaries. We already...

Gaara: Don't tell me, you had...!

Naruto: He slept with me. It was like a paradise to me. But, reality sure are harsh...

Gaara: Why?

Naruto: I received a challenge before that. From a gang called Raikiri. The subordinates were a piece of cake to me. But, the leader...

Gaara: You're defeated?

Naruto: They used dirty tricks on us. First, they lured Gaara. After they caught him, they used him to challenge me.

Gaara: What a jerk!

Naruto: (hugging his own body) The leader was more than a jerk. He's a total cowardly bastard. He used an electric shocker to defeat me, and... to get revenge for beating his dogs, he...

Gaara: What did he do?

Naruto: (biting his lower lips) I was raped... in front of Gaara. At the same time, his dogs were beating Gaara. Feeling that it wasn't enough, one of them hit Gaara with a big wooden stick... on his head.

Gaara: (gasped) He... raped you?? And, that Gaara was...?

Naruto: The pain from being raped was already a torture to me, but in front of my lover, the pain was doubled. After that, Sensei arrived, and called for ambulance to take Gaara.

Gaara: Naruto, you...

Naruto: (holding his cry) We tried to get to the hospital as fast as we could... but he was severely injured... I tried to make him hang on, not to give up. But, after he requested a kiss, he's gone forever. Right before me.

Gaara: (turned down his face) Sorry, Naruto. I didn't know it was that terrible...

Naruto: (bitter smile) It's okay. Ever since that incident, Sensei tried to convince me that I can always find a new love, but I can't.

Gaara: Sensei? You mean the one in that picture?

Naruto: (slight blush) Yes.

Gaara: What happened afterwards?

Naruto: Forget it. Let's just say it ended quite well, and to start a new life, I came here.

Gaara: I believed in your Sensei, Naruto. You can always find a new love.

Naruto: It will never be the same, I loved that Gaara very much. I can never love someone like that anymore.

Gaara: It doesn't have to be the same. When you met another people, you'll find a new relationship.

Naruto: (gasped) I guess that's right, but...

Gaara: (put his finger on Naruto's lips) I know, you still cannot forget him. But, I believe you'll fell in love again, and it's a different love story.

Naruto: You're an optimist.

Gaara: Until that time come, I'll win your heart. With my own way. I will never lose to that Gaara.

Naruto: (snickered) Pfft!

Gaara: What's so funny?

Naruto: It feels awkward when Gaara said he will defeat 'Gaara'.

Gaara: (pout) Shut up. I wanted to sleep.

Naruto: Yeah, we should. And one more thing, Gaara...

Gaara: What?

Naruto: You don't need to be like that Gaara. I like you just the way you are now. Cute and energetic.

Gaara: (turned scarlet) I am what I am! You just liked me, but you still didn't love me. I'll try harder, I'll defeat that stubborn heart of yours!

Naruto laughed, and then he lie down on his bed. His lips were forming a very deep frown. This matter isn't funny at all. Having this Gaara in love with him is quite a headache. If that red head knew about Sasuke's feeling, he'll be in trouble. Naruto just hoped a disaster wouldn't happen later.

Guu, chapter ten and this story still going on. Blah blah blah... just read and comment.
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