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SasuNaru- Sasuke Sensei 8


-This is an alternate story, using characters in Naruto. This fan fiction contains YAOI, so if you're not into those subjects, get out of here.

-Any Naruto's character is not mine, I just used them.

-Please leave a comment or suggestion after reading so I can improve my storyline.


Kakashi slammed his fists on the table in front of him. Recently, he had never met the blond alone. Whenever he saw Naruto, there's a guy keeping him company. According to his subordinates, that was the teacher the blond lived with. Kakashi knew that Naruto would only hang out with Gaara, from his investigation. So why did that teacher were so friendly with him?

Obito: Kakashi-san... (enter the room)

Kakashi: I told you not to come in, I'm not in mood now!

Obito: (shivered) This is important... about that teacher.

Kakashi: What about that guy?

Obito: When we asked the people around, seems like he was no ordinary person. He got great past.

Kakashi: Go on, tell me more. (interested)

Obito: He was known as the 'Undefeated Sasuke', few years ago. A street brat, just like that Uzumaki Naruto. The difference was he kept that record, because he quitted before someone ever defeat him.

Kakashi: Cool, that Naruto sure always hang with great people. But I only liked that blond, the pests should just go away.

Obito: What is your plan, Kakashi-san?

Kakashi: Just wait and see. The blond already mine, I will not let that Sasuke get him.


Sasuke arranged his stuff quickly. Why there was a meeting so sudden? Now it is late, probably Naruto is already pouting. Naruto didn't like waiting, Sasuke assumed he had to explain this carefully.

At the parking.

Naruto was pouting (just like Sasuke thought), the teacher was very late. The blond kicked the trash at his feet into the bin. He was bored, already lost his idea how to spend time the last an hour ago.

Suddenly, a handkerchief was put on his mouth. Naruto surprised, but then slowly collapsed. Kakashi smirked, as he carried the blond away. This time, he will make Naruto become his property for real. That Sasuke gonna have to let Naruto go.

Sasuke ran as fast as he could to the parking. He couldn't wait to see his beloved blond and went home together. But then, what he could see just the motobike. With the keys still hanging at the place, and Naruto's bag on the ground.

Sasuke: Naruto? Where are you? (picked up the bag) Naruto?? (Damn, did he sulk and went home alone? I told him not go anywhere alone!)

But then, Sasuke gasped. No, it couldn't be that. Naruto will wait if he already promised to wait. And he would not left the key like that. If Naruto wanted to leave the bike for him, he would give the key directly to him. And his bag was on the ground.

Sasuke: (No way... did he got... kidnapped??) I must call Iruka-san first! (dialled Iruka's number)


Iruka: (answered the phone) Yes, speaking. Naruto? No, he didn't. Why, Sasuke-kun?

Sasuke: He's nowhere to be found! He promised to wait for me, but when I arrived, he's not here!

Iruka: (gasped) SAY WHAT?! Are you saying my dearest Naruto is kidnapped?!

Sasuke: (sweatdropped) I don't know that for sure yet... (Did he just said 'my dearest Naruto'?)

Iruka: We must look for him now! My angel maybe not very good, but he never broke a promise! If he's not there, something must had happened to him!

Sasuke: ('My angel' now? Iruka-san sure has strong affection towards him...) Yeah... I'll try to ask people around the town. He's quite famous, I think we can find him. (hang up the phone)

In the Raikiri's base.

Naruto opened his eyes, he was still dizzy from the chloroform used to make him unconcious earlier. The place wasn't familiar to him. He was in a spacious bedroom, but not too luxurious. And the windows are covered with dark materials. As if the owner wanted to keep that place a secret.

He scratched his head, trying to remember the last thing before he collapsed. That's right, he was waiting for Sasuke. And then, a handkerchief with weird smell...

Naruto: (gasped and shivered) I was kidnapped?!

Kakashi: (walked in) You can say that again.

Naruto: (scared) So, it was you...

Kakashi: Please, don't be scared. I will not act like I was few days ago. I'll be good, as long as you agreed to become mine.

Naruto: (picked up a pillow, threw it to Kakashi) NEVER!! I would never-ever become yours!

Kakashi: Hey, isn't it natural to follow the orders of the winners? I won that fight, so you have to follow my orders, Na~ru~to~

Naruto: I don't want to! You rapist, you raped me in front of my lover, you think I'll forgive that?!

Kakashi: I didn't expect you to forgive me. It's more fun to keep a rebellious lover than an obedient one.

Naruto: Huh?

Kakashi: (smirked, hold Naruto's chin) You want to know why? Because you will resist me, and then I will use force on you. Yes, that feeling... the feeling of domination over you. It's incredibly pleasant...

Naruto: (pushed Kakashi away) You sick pervert! Go away!

Kakashi: Don't worry, I will only 'celebrate' our 'relationship' after I settled everything.

Naruto: Settled everything?

Kakashi: That Sasuke would be a hindrance in our relationship. I will dispose of him first.

Naruto: (panicked) NO, DON'T HURT HIM! DON'T EVER INVOLVE HIM! He had nothing to do with this.

Kakashi: Why you're worried this much? As far as my subordinates investigate, you hated teachers.

Naruto: He had nothing to do with this!

Kakashi: Don't tell me that you have... (narrowed his eyes)

Naruto: (shake his head) I told you, he had nothing to do with me!

Kakashi: (smirked) This is interesting... you have fallen in love with that teacher.

Naruto: (blushed) No, I don't!

Kakashi: Yes, you do. This will be more fun than I thought. I gotta make another plan then. You have to wait here, my cute blond.

Naruto: (gasped) No, wait! Don't hurt him, please! Sensei had nothing to do with this, please don't hurt him! Kakashi, I'll do anything you want, let Sensei go! (hitting the locked door) Please... please... (fall on his knees, crying)

Meanwhile, Sasuke keep searching around the town. He must find that blond, no matter how long it will take. As he walked past a lonely street, a voice called him.

Sasuke: Huh? (turned to his back)

Kakashi: Looking for that cutie, huh? 'Undefeated Sasuke'?

Sasuke: (This guy...!) You, did you kidnapped Naruto?!

Kakashi: That's not nice, I was just certainly picking him up, Sen~sei~

Sasuke: (annoyed of the sarcasm tone) Why you perverted trash, let him go or you'll never smell the air of this world again.

Kakashi: Whoa, was that supposed to be a teacher's word? Seems that you still got the street's behavior, Sensei...

Sasuke: That's a long time ago story. But, I don't mind re-live the story.

Kakashi: I know, but there's no fun fighting here. Besides, I bet you're dying to see your precious student now, right?

Sasuke: Any place would be fine to me. And I wanted to make sure that he's alright.

Kakashi: Please, come this way then. (smirk)

They walked until they reached a big, old building. It was still standing strong, but seems unoccupied for a long time. Kakashi opened the door, they walked in to the center of the building. Sasuke looked around, everytime he saw this building, he thought it was abandoned.

Sasuke: So, this would be your base, right? Not bad for a street gang.

Kakashi: After my father's death, his company also fell down. This building is the only thing left. I was his only son, so this building would be my castle.

Sasuke: Bad past is common for street guys, I guess.

Kakashi: What? Bad?? No way, it was great! I always hated that old man, so when someone actually made him loses his business and ended up killing himself, I was glad! I don't have to kill him myself to get rid of him.

Sasuke: Wow, you're really inhuman. That aside, where's Naruto?

Kakashi: (clapped his hands) Obito!

Obito: Move, brat! (pulled Naruto with him)

Naruto: Oww! You trash, you're lucky 'cause my hands are tied... (saw Sasuke) SENSEI!!

Sasuke: Naruto!! Kakashi, don't ever hurt him!

Kakashi: Don't worry, he's my precious property too. So, I warned everyone not to lay a finger on him. He'll be safe, even after you're done with.

Naruto: Sensei, why did you come?? It is clearly a trap to get rid of you! Please, run while you still can!

Sasuke: That's very unlikely. Sorry, but I hold the 'Undefeated Sasuke' name. In order to keep that name untainted, I must defeat this vermin.

Kakashi: (whistled) Whoa, very not like a teacher. I wonder if you also acted like this in your college and classes.

Naruto: Sensei, please, run! Kakashi, I'll do anything you want, just let Sensei go!

Kakashi: Don't be stupid, how can I let my rival walking free? My principle is to get everything you want, then you must eliminate others who tried to have it too. This guy loved you very much, I can't let him go like that.

Sasuke: As expected from a guy like you. Why don't we start then?

Kakashi: I'm ready to go anytime. (held out his electric shocker)

Sasuke: (smirk) Was that why you're called 'Raikiri'?

Naruto: Sensei, be careful with that! The voltage isn't like ordinary shocker!

Kakashi: Aww, how caring... ah, he's right. I modified this thing, so you really need to be careful.

Sasuke: I will not afraid of such a stupid electronic device. (attacked Kakashi)

Kakashi: (gasped, quickly defend himself from the kick) Damn...!

Naruto: (Sensei is fast...!) Sensei!

Kakashi: (a bit sweating, but smirking) Well, I guess that 'Undefeated' title was no joke after all.

Sasuke: (stretching his leg) If my kick is faster than your hands, then I don't have to afraid of that electric shocker.

Kakashi: We shall see about that. (move to attack)

Sasuke moved like a fish in water, dodging the shocker. Naruto was amazed, he just watched Sasuke fighting. It seems that Kakashi unable to land a single attack on him. But, a few kicks and fists already hit the Raikiri gang leader.

At one moment, Sasuke had the chance of hitting the back of Kakashi's right hand. The shocker dropped on the ground, and the teacher quickly crushed it with his feet. Surprised, Kakashi was also kicked away and fell five metres from Sasuke.

Obito: (shocked) Kakashi-san!

Kakashi: (coughing, wiped his mouth) Obito, you keep guarding my blond. I'll finish this guy. Alone.

Sasuke: How cocky, now that your weapon is gone, you're still fighting?

Kakashi: (stand up) I still have my fists and kick. That thing was just for fun.

Sasuke: That's more like a man. Bring it on! (attacked Kakashi)

Kakashi also moved forward and try to land a punch on Sasuke. The teacher dodged, and he was ready to give Kakashi a fist. Suddenly, the Raikiri's leader smirked, made Sasuke gasped.

It was too late, Kakashi held out a shocker, and managed to shock the teacher directly. Sasuke was also kicked away, he fell off a few metres from Kakashi.

Naruto: (surprised) Sensei!!

Sasuke: (shivered because of the shock) You... cowardly trash...

Kakashi: Oh, did I forgot to tell you that I have another shocker? (smirking)

Sasuke: No wonder, you're an old man, not surprising if you become forgetful. (tried to stand up, but fell down on the ground)

Naruto: SENSEI!! Kakashi, that's enough! Let him go!

Kakashi: I really am forgetful, because I also didn't tell you that the voltage of this one is three times more than the one you destroyed, Sen~sei~

Sasuke: I'm... not done... yet... (tried to get up again)

Kakashi: Don't bother, you lost. But, don't worry, I'm not that heartless. A loser should also be entertained.

Sasuke: What are you up to now?!

Kakashi: Ne, Naruto, this is the time to 'celebrate' my victory... (walked to Naruto)

Naruto: (turned pale) W... what??

Kakashi: (rubbed Naruto's cheek) I want to give that loser a show to make him feel better...

Sasuke: Don't touch him! (Damn it, my body couldn't move at all!)

Kakashi: Naruto, let's have fun... (ripped Naruto's shirt)

Naruto: NOOO!! LET ME GO, STOP THIS! (struggled)

Sasuke: NARUTO!!

Naruto: (No, not this again! Not in front of Sensei now!) NO, LET ME GO! PLEASE, LET ME GO!!

Kakashi: (licked Naruto's ear) Don't disappoint your Sensei now...

Sasuke wished he could move and stop Kakashi that instant. But his body still unable to move. The shocker was just too strong. Naruto was screaming and crying, as Kakashi pulled down his pants. Naruto's eyes were looking at him pitifully.

Sasuke: (He's very hurt... hurry, move, Sasuke, move and save Naruto!)

Naruto: NO, PLEASE, NOO!!

Sasuke: (Move!) Urgh...


Sasuke: (He's crying for help now, move! Move, Sasuke!!)

Naruto: SENSEEIII!!!!

Sasuke: (Damn it, if you can't move you should die, Sasuke!!) Urgghh...!!

Naruto: SASUKEEEEE!!!!

Suddenly, the teacher regained his strength. As fast as he could, he moved to them and kicked Kakashi away. Naruto gasped, Sasuke was now standing right beside him. Kakashi coughed, not expecting that Sasuke would stand up so quickly.

Kakashi: How come you're still moving?

Sasuke: (lift Naruto up, putting back his clothes) How should I know?

Naruto: (still stunned) Sen... sei...

Sasuke: (smiled, kiss Naruto's forehead) Wait here, I'll settle this quickly.

Naruto: Are you alright, Sen...

Sasuke: Not 'Sensei', it's Sasuke. You already called my name, right?

Naruto: (blushed, and nodded) I'll wait, Sasuke.

Sasuke looked at the other shocker on the ground, he stomped it with his feet. Kakashi gasped and bit his lower lips.

Sasuke: Why did you look so frustrated? Don't you have another?

Kakashi: Too bad, I only have two. 'Ch, I have to defeat you with my hands now.

Sasuke: Try then.

Those two started their fight again. Obito, who was watching felt like his boss was going to lose. Slowly, he moved closer to Naruto, wanted to make him a hostage. He grabbed Naruto's neck, and put a knife at his face.

Naruto: Huh??!

Obito: Gotcha, brat! SASUKE!! Stop this instant, or I'll hurt this brat!

Sasuke: (shocked) Naruto!

Kakashi: 'Ch, what an idiot...

Naruto: Sasuke, just continue.

Obito: Shut up, brat!!

Naruto: You keep calling me brat, don't you realized that my hands are free now?

Obito: Huh?

In few seconds, Naruto managed to lose Obito's grip, and he stepped on Obito's back. Sasuke a bit surprised, but then smiled. Maybe Naruto was a hostage, but he still had his strength.

Naruto: Sorry to disappoint you, Obito. I'm still stronger than a dog like you. Sasuke, finish that guy off. I want to go home, I'm hungry.

Sasuke: (sighed) Okay, okay.

Suddenly, a police siren heared. Naruto and Sasuke gasped. Looks like the cops are here. With them came along a man with long, tied black hair. Naruto was surprised, but then delighted. He quickly went to that man and hugged him tightly.

Naruto: Iruka-san!!

Iruka: (hugged Naruto tightly) It's okay now, my dear angel.

Naruto: How did you find us, Iruka-san?

Iruka: I saw Sasuke-kun followed a suspicious man. So I called the police. Are you hurt, my angel?

Naruto: (slight blush) I'm fine. Don't call me like that. Embarassing.

Iruka: You're my angel, my whole world. (brushed Naruto's hair)

Naruto: (smiled) And you're my most beloved guardian.

Sasuke: (a bit jealous, clears throat) Naruto, Iruka-san, the cops said we need to give a few information at the station.

Iruka: Right. Let's go, Naruto.


Naruto tend Sasuke's wound carefully. But then, when the teacher stared at him, he stopped. Sasuke almost burst out laughing seeing the cuteness. Naruto pout, he turned his face away, blushing to his ears. Slowly, Sasuke pulled Naruto's face to him.

Sasuke: Don't turn your face away from me. I want to look at you.

Naruto: (pouting) Stop flirting with your student, Sensei.

Sasuke: You called me that again. I told you, it's not Sensei, it's Sasuke.

Naruto: A teacher is still a teacher.

Sasuke: (frowning) Am I still only your teacher?

Naruto: That will never change. You're only a teacher to me.

Sasuke: (Very stubborn...) I love you.

Naruto: Sorry, I don't.

Sasuke: Swear to me then. You didn't even have one single feeling for me.

Naruto: I only cared about you. But it will never become love.

Sasuke: What's wrong? Kakashi was already arrested, you don't have to be afraid anymore.

Naruto: Only Kakashi. I got plenty of enemy, you're still a target.

Sasuke: Hey, you already seen it. I can defend myself. And in fact, I was afraid, more than you are.

Naruto: Huh?

Sasuke: I was a street guy too, remember? I also got many enemies. They just don't attack because they had no idea where I am right now.

Naruto: A street guy can never escape.

Sasuke: Maybe we can't completely escape. But we can try.

Naruto: I don't know, Sensei... it's hard for me...

Sasuke: You have to try. Study hard and live like normal people does. I'll help you.

Naruto: Sensei...

Sasuke: Not Sensei, it's Sasuke. (pulled Naruto closer)

Naruto can feel the breath on his face, and he wanted to pull back. But his body didn't obey that order. He just let the teacher slowly kissed him. They shared the kiss for a few seconds, before Sasuke broke the kiss and stared at the blond. Naruto blushed, he tried to avert Sasuke's eyes.

-CLICK- (sound of belt clip)

Naruto: (gasped) Sasuke...!

Sasuke: Relax, Naruto. It won't hurt, I'll do it gently. (pull down his pants)

Naruto: (closed his eyes, shivered) Sasuke, don't...

Sasuke: (kissed Naruto's neck) Relax...

Naruto: .....!


The blond woke up, he was still in Sasuke's embrace. Like Sasuke said, he did it gently. It didn't hurt very much. Just like... Gaara. Naruto get off the bed slowly, not to wake Sasuke up. Luckily, from the fight, Sasuke was tired and didn't realized Naruto already waken up.

Naruto went into the bathroom and took a shower. Then, he went into his room and packed his stuff. After finished packing, he went into Sasuke's room again. Gently, Naruto kissed Sasuke's lips and stand up. Taking his luggage with him, he went out from the house. He left the spare key that Sasuke gave him, and put a letter he wrote earlier on the table.


I am very grateful to have you taking care of me. I am very happy. And your feelings for me, I really appreciate it. But my heart belongs to Gaara, and always Gaara. About what we did last night, I will consider it never happened. I can never live with you. I don't hate you, it was just the feelings wasn't mutual. I am not worthy of your love. Live peacefully, ignore a brat like me. Don't waste your time on me. I really liked you, but I am quitting school. Don't look for me, and don't trouble Iruka-san. Please take care of yourself, Sasuke.

Uzumaki Naruto.'

Naruto started his motobike, looking at the apartment for the last time, before he took off and left.

Naa, chapter eight! Chapter nine? Finished, but I'll post it another day.
Outlawgal Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009
yep your right i hate you. Not really but geez ok I hate Naruto for being so stupid now you say that there is another guy that looks extremly like Gaara that can never be good. hmm I will have to read the next chapter after I get back home how frustrating.
witchcrystalchan Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Naru is an idiot... but also that idiotic act make him extremely cute.
Outlawgal Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2009
lol yeppers
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