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SasuNaru- Vampire and Priest 3

-This fanfiction has nothing to do with the original Naruto story. I just used the characters, they don’t belong to me.

-Warning: Yaoi contents. You better leave if you don’t like such a thing.

-This is another work of Crisschan.


Naruto put on Sasuke’s clothes carefully. He was troubled to button on the suit. All his life he only wears his white robe, that’s why putting on western clothes gives him a headache. Sasuke was turning around, blushing. The Holy Child still have no idea of shame.

Naruto: Sasukeee... how do you wear this??

Sasuke: (didn’t turn to Naruto) Like I said, button it up.

Naruto: How?

Sasuke: (sighed) Have you wear the pants?

Naruto: Yes, wearing pants is easy. But this suit thing is difficult.

Sasuke: (If he at least wear the pants, I can look.) Let me see that. Here, I put on one. You settle the rest.

Naruto: Thanks. Can we move now?

Sasuke: Is it really okay? What if someone comes in and notice that you’re gone?

Naruto: Don’t worry, nobody entered without my permission. And even if I didn’t answer them when they knock, they just assume that I was sleeping.

Sasuke: Okay. Come here. (carry Naruto)

Naruto: Are you going to carry me all the way down? I’m heavy, you know...

Sasuke: Didn’t I told you that vampire are stronger than humans? I can lift something ten times my own weight, so carrying you is not a problem at all. Besides, you’re not heavy. Does the Holy Child don’t need to eat?

Naruto: (pout) I do eat! It was just I ate a little.

Sasuke: Just kidding. Now, hold on tight and don’t open your mouth. I’m afraid if you bit your tounge.

Naruto: Okay. (hug Sasuke’s neck and closed his eyes)

Sasuke gulped before he jumped. He carry Naruto through the forest.

Naruto: (opened his eyes) Whoa, fast! You really are amazing!

Sasuke: (smirk) This is nothing, my normal speed. If I move faster, I’m afraid you will feel dizzy.

Naruto: Don’t move too fast. I wanted to see everything around.

Sasuke slowed down and he jumped from tree to tree calmly. Naruto was smiling widely, looking at the environment. Sasuke felt very warm when he saw the smile. The priest always smile, but not as warm as this one.

Naruto: I think we are far enough from the shrine, right?

Sasuke: Yes, why?

Naruto: Put me down, I wanted to walk on the ground.

Sasuke: Is it okay? What if you got dirty?

Naruto: Silly you, I’m not going to rot even if I’m dirtied.

Sasuke: Well then, let’s meet my friends.

Naruto: Where are they?

Sasuke: This way. Let’s walk slowly.

Both of them walking while holding hands. All of Sasuke’s friends gathered at a big tree, chatting among each other. Kiba saw Sasuke and waved his hand.

Kiba: Oi, Sasuke! Wow, it’s rare for you to join us. Usually you said you’re going to meet your friend.

Sasuke: All of you had been asking about that friend, right? Here he is.

Naruto: (smiled) Hi, my name is Naruto.

Kiba: (moves closer, sniffing) Hey, you smelled weird.

Naruto: Maybe because you never meet a monster like me.

Sasuke: Kiba, stop that.

Shino: What creature are you? You got that mark on your cheek...

Naruto: (clears throat) I’m a fox.

Shikamaru: Fox? I don’t know this village have fox.

Sasuke: He said that fox live in their own way. That’s why I have to went a bit far just to see him.

Ino: Sasuke-kun, other than that fox, there’s someone will join us.

Sasuke: Who is that?

Chouji: The new kid in here. The illusion demon.

Sasuke: Oh, you mean Sai? Where is he?

Ino: He said he will be... ah, there. He’s coming.

Naruto: Sasuke, is that the illusion demon?

Sasuke: Ah, yes. He’s the one I told you about.

Sai: Greetings, everyone. Ah, you, Sasuke-kun. Send our thanks to your dad. Our new house just perfect.

Sasuke: Yeah, whatever. Sai, this is my friend, a fox. His name is Naruto.

Naruto: Hi, nice to meet you.

Sai: You’re a weird monster. Does fox always this polite?

Naruto: I prefer if you called me unique.

Sai: (Interesting...) Maybe you are. Your eyes are beautiful... (hold Naruto’s chin)

Sasuke: (gasped) Don’t touch him like that.

Naruto: It’s okay, Sasuke. Thanks, you’re good-looking as well.

Kiba: So, Naruto. Why we have never seen you?

Naruto: Because I live very close to the human territory. Other monsters of course will never-ever go and visit that place.

Ino: Close to the humans? Are you not afraid?

Naruto: A little, but I really wanted to be friends with everyone.

Kiba: We can’t. Humans despise us monsters.

Naruto: (smile) Maybe not now, but someday I believe that we can understand each other.

Kiba: (gulped, blushing) Hey, Sasuke, is this guy stupid or he’s just patheticly naive? (And he’s cute.)

Sasuke: Both. But that’s what made him an interesting person.

Naruto: (pout) What do you mean ‘both’?

Sasuke: Because you are an idiot and you’re naive.

Naruto: I’m not an idiot! Maybe I am naive but I’m not stupid!!

Shikamaru: Ne, Naruto, don’t worry too much. Sasuke always call someone an idiot.

Naruto: I don’t like it.

Shikamaru: (Is it my imagination or this fox really is cute?) Sasuke, you better stop teasing him or he’ll not joining us again.

Sasuke: It is his first and also his last time coming here. He will never come again. His parents worried about him.

Naruto: (gasped) Sasuke!

Shino: No wonder, because he live too close to the humans.

Sai: Too bad, I thought we can spend more time together.

Sasuke: We can’t be here too long, Naruto. Your parents will be worried. If something happens to you, they will put the blame on me.

Naruto: (frowned) At least can I say goodbye to everyone?

Sasuke: Go on. And then I’ll take you to your house.


Sasuke carried Naruto back through the forest. Naruto was pouting all the way. Sasuke pretended that he didn’t realize it. He kept jumping from tree to tree.

Naruto: Why you’re in such a hurry? I was just about to know them better.

Sasuke: I suppose that bringing you out tonight is a mistake. I miscalculated something.

Naruto: What is it?! Why you must think it was a mistake?!

Sasuke: I have told you a lot about monsters, right? You do remember that monsters’ sense are sharp, do you?

Naruto: So what?

Sasuke: If they only talked to you, I think it’s still safe. But if they touched you, they might feel that you’re a human.

Naruto: I didn’t harm them, so why would they harm me?

Sasuke: Urghh, you’re a total idiot! Just think, Sai’s family moved into this village to save themselves. For your information, they never hurt a human before. Not a bit. But humans wanted to kill them. The same goes for monsters. They would never keep quiet if their enemy is in their territory.

Naruto: I’m... not an enemy, I will not become your enemy.

Sasuke: One day you’ll understand. Here we are. Change back your clothes.

Naruto: Okay. Sasuke, you...

Sasuke: What now?

Naruto: You’re coming again tomorrow, right?

Sasuke: (gasped) Why did you ask that?

Naruto: Because you look so angry earlier. I’m afraid that you...

Sasuke: Idiot, I will always come. You’re so hopeless, I can’t leave an idiot like you.

Naruto: Thanks. About bringing me out, can you think about it again?

Sasuke: You better give up on that. I will never bring you out once again. It’s too risky.

Naruto: (pout) I will not give up. Someday I will make you bring me out again.

Sasuke: In your dreams! Enough, see you tomorrow.


Naruto just finished his purification bath. Hinata came to him and bowed. Naruto told her to raise her head and send the message.

Naruto: Is there something from Tsunade-sama, Hinata-chan?

Hinata: Yes, Naruto-sama. She wanted to see you. Sakura and I will accompany you to the main building, Tsunade-sama have something important to tell you.

Naruto: Okay, I wanted to get my clothes first.

The Holy Child quickly put on his white robe and walked with the girls. It must be very important because usually Tsunade would be the one who have to go to Naruto.

Naruto: Tsunade-sama, you wanted to see me?

Tsunade: Yes. There’s someone I wanted you to meet.

Naruto: Who is it?

Tsunade: Neji, you may come in.

Neji: I’m honored to see you, Naruto-sama.

Naruto: (White eyes... is he related to Hinata-chan?) I’m honored too. Who are you might be?

Tsunade: Naruto, from now on, Neji will become your guard.

Naruto: Guard? What for?

Tsunade: We know as a human, you wanted to have a look at the outside world too. Neji is Hinata’s cousin, he is one of the most skilled priest here. He have both skill, physical strength and special skills to avoid monsters.

Naruto: You mean if I wanted to go out, he will accompany me?

Neji: Yes, whenever you ask.

Tsunade: But there’s a lot of rules you must follow, Naruto.

Naruto: What are the rules?

Tsunade: First, you must never go into the monsters territory. Second, you’re only allowed to go out in daylight. Third, you must never-ever leave Neji’s side.

Naruto: I understand. Anything else I have to know?

Tsunade: Ah, yes. Neji have the same authorities as I do to go into your room.

Naruto: Huhh?? Why?

Tsunade: He will become your guard forever. Which means, he’s also has the responsibility on you.

Naruto: Wait, wait, what responsibility? I don’t understand.

Tsunade: To put it simple, he will take care of you. Like a husband to his wife.

Naruto: (gasped) Hus... husband? Neji can be considered as my husband??

Neji: Yes, Naruto-sama. I will take a good care of you.

Naruto: Do I have to accept all this?

Tsunade: Even if you didn’t want to go out, he’s still your guard.

Naruto: It’s fine then. See you later, Neji. Hinata-chan, Sakura-chan, accompany me to my room. See you again, Tsunade-sama.

The blond priest was troubled. If Neji can enter his room anytime, there’s a big possibility he will found out about his secret meeting with Sasuke. Naruto looked out to the window. It is good that now he can go out. But he’s not happy.

(Door knocks)

Naruto: Who is it?

Neji: It’s Hyuuga Neji, your guard, Naruto-sama.

Naruto: Come in.

Neji: Can I have a moment with you, Naruto-sama?

Naruto: What do you want to talk about?

Neji: Not here. Let’s have a walk in the garden, do you agree?

Naruto: (stand up) Okay.


They sit on the chairs in the garden. The shrine has a big garden, decorated with small trees. It was peaceful and relaxing.

Naruto: So, what is it?

Neji: I have a boring story I wanted to tell you.

Naruto: Just tell, I will listen.

Neji: Actually, I really wanted to see you since I’m six years old. That time, they told me that someday I will be a guard to someone very important.

Naruto: Since six?

Neji: Yes. I was trained carefully. All these years, I have been trained just to protect you. And how to take care of you. They said you’re very important. As the Holy Child, you’re not just unique. I heard that you’re trained to be gentle, kind and forgiving.

Naruto: That’s my duty.

Neji: When I heard those stories, I have fallen in love with you. When I saw you earlier, I love you even more.

Naruto: Not rare, because I love everyone, no matter who they are.

Neji: No, I mean... I love you more than anyone else. In other words, I like you the most.

Naruto: Sorry, Neji. I don’t quite understand that sort of thing. To me, I love everyone equally. I never think to love someone differently.

Neji: It’s true then, you’re completely innocent. Don’t worry, Naruto-sama. Someday, you will understand and I will do my best to make you love me the most.

Naruto: Do as you wish. Do you have other things to tell me?

Neji: From me, no. But if you wish to have a walk outside, it will be my pleasure.

Naruto: (shake his head) No, not today. I’m not feeling well. So, please don’t disturb me starting this evening until tomorrow.

Neji: As you wish, Naruto-sama. I’ll see you tomorrow.


Sasuke jumped into Naruto’s room. The priest was sitting on his bed, frowning. Sasuke felt weird seeing that kind of expression, he went to Naruto and kneel down in front of him.

Sasuke: What’s wrong, Naruto? Are you still mad because of what happened yesterday?

Naruto: No, I was never mad because of yesterday. Now I’m worried.

Sasuke: About what?

Naruto: Tsunade-sama had appointed someone to be my guard so that I can have a walk outside.

Sasuke: Wasn’t that a good news?

Naruto: Good and not good. That person is not just my guard. He will take care of me forever, and he can meet me anytime he wants.

Sasuke: You’re saying that...

Naruto: For tonight, it will be safe because I told him not to disturb me. But I can’t do it that way forever. He will suspect something.

Sasuke: So you don’t want me to come?

Naruto: (gasped) No! I always wanted you to come. It’s still fine if I can’t go out, but I don’t want it if I can’t see you anymore.

Sasuke: (scratched his head) I guess we have to limit my visit. Maybe just once in a week?

Naruto: No, that’s too long... I can’t stand that.

Sasuke: You know yourself that it’s not safe anymore. I don’t want to get caught, you know.

Naruto: Then how should we do it?

Sasuke: I’ll think of something. But you have to wait for three days to see me again.

Naruto: Okay. I’ll try to make that day is safe for you to see me.

Sasuke: Good. I just read an interesting book yesterday, do you want to know what’s the book about?

Naruto: (weak smile) Tell me all about it.

Sasuke: As you wish, Holy Child.


Naruto: So, I’ll see you in three days.

Sasuke: Yeah, try to be patient. (climb on the window)

Naruto: Sasuke!

Sasuke: Yes?

Naruto: (hugged Sasuke) Please don’t afraid to come. If you don’t come, I’ll feel lonely.

Sasuke: (gasped) Na... Naruto...

Suddenly, Sasuke realized that his heart beating weirdly. Naruto’s scent went into his nose and somehow the vampire think it’s too strong. Quickly, he tried to push away the priest as gentle as he could. He covered his own mouth and holding his chest.

Naruto: ??? What’s wrong, Sasuke? Are you sick?

Sasuke: N... no, I’m fine. (What’s wrong with me now?) See you again.

The teen vampire jumped from tree to tree with his head feeling dizzy. Sasuke thought he must reach him home quickly. If he collapsed outside of his house, he could be in danger. He opened the door hardly and made a loud bang from it. His mother, Mikoto surprised and nagged.

Mikoto: What in the world are you doing, Sasuke? Can’t you enter the house more quietly?

Sasuke: Mother, something is not right with me... (grunting)

Mikoto: (worried) Sasuke? What’s wrong??

Sasuke: I felt dizzy, and I think my sense become stronger...

Mikoto: Itachi, could it be your little brother...?

Itachi: (appeared from his room) Aah, right. I think so too. It’s about his age anyway.

Sasuke: What are you both talking about?

Mikoto: Sasuke, from now on you must be more careful. Avoid humans, because your blood-sucking instinct has awakened.

Sasuke: WHAT?!

Sorry, late again. Sasuke spoiled Naruto too much...
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